Iveta has played the violin for over twenty years, and has been a violin teacher for seven years.  She believes that everyone has the ability to learn to play the violin, whatever their age.  As the renowned teacher of violin Suzuki said... "Talent is not inherited or inborn but has to be educated and developed".  Iveta uses Suzuki's principles to guide her own violin teaching methods.  In particular, Iveta believes that learning to play the violin as an instrument is just the first step to being able to play music.

Being bilingual in English and Czech, Iveta knows that learning the language of music is very similar to learning any other new language.  With sufficient effective practice, students can become as skilled at playing the violin as at speaking their own language.

Iveta Hlavenkova is a violin teacher in Leeds, giving individual private violin lessons both at her own teaching studio within the Yorkshire College of Music & Drama, Leeds, and also through Roundhay Music, Leeds.  In addition, she is a school violin teacher, notably Rawdon St Peter's CofE Primary School, Leeds.


Although violin lessons with Iveta Hlavenkova are on an individual basis, Iveta creates frequent opportunities for all her students to get together for music-making sessions.  She organises monthly concerts at which her students are invited to perform, and she also leads two music groups in Leeds which are open to any violin student.  In addition, Iveta regularly runs day workshops for student violin and fiddle players.

If you are interested in learning the violin with teacher Iveta Hlavenkova, please visit the Lessons page which outlines Iveta's approach to teaching the violin.

Iveta Hlavenkova

Leeds Violin Lessons

Iveta Hlavenkova, violin teacher in Leeds
One of Iveta Hlavenkova's violin students
Two of Iveta Hlavenlova's students perform a violin duet

To discuss violin lessons with Iveta Hlavenkova, please see the Contact page

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