Student Concerts

Learning to play the violin paves the way to start enjoying the pleasures of making music with others.  From the very start of their musical journey, teacher Iveta Hlavenkova helps her violin students to get experience at performing with other players.

As well as Iveta's monthly concerts at the Yorkshire College of Music & Drama, she organises concerts twice a year at the Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre (HEART), Leeds. After gaining experience and confidence at performing in Iveta's monthly concerts, her students are ready to perform to a wider audience, and members of the public are invited to the HEART Centre concerts.

Monthly concerts, Leeds

with parents and friends as a supportive audience.  Performing at Iveta's informal and friendly concerts is voluntary but most of her students enjoy playing their favourite pieces to each other.  The purpose of the concerts is to get used to performing  in order to become not only good violinists but also skilled performers.

Half-yearly concerts, Leeds


Iveta organises monthly concerts at the Yorkshire College of Music & Drama, Leeds, at which her violin students meet up to spend an enjoyable afternoon making music together,

Violin students
One of Iveta Hlavenkova's violin students
Leeds Folk Fiddle Group, led by Iveta Hlavenkova
Concert by Iveta Hlavenkova's violin students, Leeds
Iveta Hlavenkova's violin student concert in Leeds

Potential violin students and their parents are very welcome to attend any of Iveta's student concerts, and they also offer the opportunity to chat to Iveta and her violin pupils about learning the violin.

In addition to the concerts for her students, Iveta also organises a number of other music-making activities for all violin students - see Workshops, Leeds Folk Fiddle Group and Children's Violin Group for details.

To discuss violin lessons with Iveta Hlavenkova, please see the Contact page

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